Welcome to Mataya

where fresh meets wholesome

At Mataya, we're not just passionate about food; we're on a mission to redefine the way you experience it. Our team of dedicated food aficionados devotes countless hours each week to curating a menu that's not only delicious but also deeply rooted in our commitment to using the freshest seasonal produce.

But we're more than just a cafe. We champion the very essence of community and local enterprise. With a firm belief in supporting our fellow local businesses and producers, you'll soon spot familiar, cherished brands on our shelves and within our fridges.

Here at Mataya, we stand by the philosophy that life is all about balance. We don't conform to fad diets, food trends, or passing crazes. Instead, we've crafted a menu that celebrates diversity, because, as the saying goes, "variety is the spice of life."

Nestled on Sholl Street, just a block away from the serene Mandurah foreshore, Mataya Eatery has been an integral part of this vibrant community for over six wonderful years. We open our doors seven days a week, welcoming you, whether you choose to dine in or opt for a takeaway experience and for our friends with families and furry companions, our spacious courtyard is the ideal spot to enjoy quality sunny time together.

Creating a sense of community

Always has been at the heart of our business. Our founder, Natalie, envisioned Mataya as a place where locals, small businesses, and families could come together and thrive. It's a testament to our commitment to nurturing connections.

Our concept is simple yet profound: relish our menu and immerse yourself in the ambiance we've worked hard to create. Then, explore our shelves and peruse our fridges, where you'll discover products that allow you to take a piece of Mataya home with you. Because once you've experienced our world, you'll understand why we say, "welcome to you're third space".

Cafe dining + takeaway

We like to roll with the punches and keep it fresh. Our fridges and counter tops are always changing so be sure to pop in and see what's new.

Beyond our menu offerings


Our versatile space also transforms into a hub for workshops and events, extending its warm embrace beyond regular cafe hours, hosted through ‘Nabo’: meaning neighbour (Mataya’s neighbour) our exciting event and function space, where unforgettable experiences come to life.

Step inside our light-filled and expansive event space, and you'll find a variety of multi-use areas that can be styled to suit any occasion. Our space features an outdoor courtyard, a beautiful cafe, and catering services that will leave your guests wanting more. From our 12-seat private boardroom to our open-plan workshop area, we have the perfect space for your need

Bespoke Catering

We are all about creating fresh and equally wholesome food - Cooked simply, served generously.

Whether you're hosting an unforgettable gathering in our event space - Nabo, Pre-ordering catering packs for pickup, or planning an event at your private residence or corporate building as part of our event cart service

Event Carts

Let Mataya help you throw a spectacle of an event. We can flip the idea of a boring corporate conference or amp up a private party with incredible, coffee, gelato, cocktails & catering in Mandurah, Perth and surrounds.  

Our carts can be what you need them to be, a standout branded feature or slightly less impactful but with your guests experience in mind. Choose from a range of fun food options including premium single serve gelato cups. Coffee is a staple any time of day and is what we do best, our baristas offer a full coffee menu. Needing other drink options? No problem, we can set our carts up as a bar and shake cocktails all night, pour bubbles or offer ready made cold pressed juice, iced lattes, iced teas, bubbly water.

Shop our store

Mataya houses a thoughtfully curated gift shop, showcasing the finest local artisan products.

At Mataya, it's not just about food; it's about creating moments, building connections, and sharing stories, welcome to ‘you’re third space’.