" A beautiful girl who is not noticed immediately, but is life changing.  She is reserved, very quiet, until you get to know her.  She can make you feel like your on top of the world when she is standing by your side. A Mataya comes along once in a lifetime, you should not pass up a girl like her - she is unlike any girl that you will ever meet" 




At Mataya we are all about creating fresh and equally wholesome food. Our team of foodie specialists spend hours each week sourcing seasonal, fresh produce to create a menu we are so proud of.  We are very passionate about supporting local business and local production which is why you will start to see a number of familiar brands on our shelves and in our fridges.

We believe that life should be about balance, not one fad diet, style of food or 'on trend' product should ever entirely consume you. This is why our kitchen has created a menu with a wide range of options as "variety is the spice of life".

Situated on Sholl St just one block back from the Mandurah foreshore, Mataya is coming up to one year of trading and is, quite simply, going gang-busters.  The cafe operates 7 days with dine-in and take away, and a large courtyard area at the front is perfect for families with children or visitors with pets. Additional to food service, Mataya houses a curated gift shop featuring the best local artisan products, and the space is made available for workshops and events outside of regular cafe hours. 


After the first six months of establishing steady trade, owner Nat Cameron introduced the second phase of her business plan, a series of market days incorporating stalls and products from affiliated and local artisan businesses. Spilling out across the courtyard area at the front of the cafe, the markets offer an opportunity for growing businesses to connect with new customers and generate sales, as well as providing an inviting (and free) opportunity for entertainment and connection for the Mandurah community.  

Nat says that creating a community hub has been a core part of the business plan all along - “the locals, small businesses and families were all front of mind when creating Mataya.”

We have created a simple concept - 'enjoy our menu and the atmosphere we have created' but then browse our shelves and look in our fridges as you will find a wide range of these products available to take home and recreate the experience. But don't be gone for too long .. we will mss you.

Our menu and product range is regularly changing so keep popping by to have a look at what is new.





Mataya Eatery is a small local business lead by Natalie Cameron with support of her family and friends. Nat had visualised the business concept for some years before finding the perfect location and deciding to bring it to life. Nat's background is in Agriculture - for the last 10 years she has been heavily involved with Australian farmers both WA and interstate. Nat has been a part of some of the newest cutting edge technologies, plant + crop nutrition and general farming operations and has recently married her Victorian farmer, Steve.

Home is now Mandurah and Mataya has all her attention. Come down and say hi and have a coffee with us.